X-Tray, the Win32 X-Chat System Tray Plugin

X-Tray is a plugin I created in April of 2004 because I was frustrated with the fact that the Linux version of X-Chat had a system tray plugin, and the Windows version did not. Since that Time, X-Tray has grown exponentially and has blossomed into a wonderful addon to X-Chat with features such as tray alerts in the form of Windows Balloon Tips (Win2000/XP only) or an Alert window similar to that of Trillian. X-Tray also features auto-away on minimize and minimize to tray when the user hits the close button. These are all option features controlled via the Preference dialog which is tabbed for convenience.

Recently, because of lack of development time and product maturity, I decided to release the source to X-Tray under the GPL, meaning, that it is free for anyone to edit, compile, and redistribute.

X-Tray can be found here. (Screenshots Here)

TTC - Trillian Tray Customizer?

Trillian Tray Customizer is a plugin for the program Trillian which allows you to change the icon that trillian uses in the system tray. This project came about, when it was said that this would never be included as a default feature of trillian.

TTC is not finished, and unfortunately, probably never will be. There is however a basic version available here. While it does allow you to change the tray icon without much fuss as described, it lacks features such as allowing the skin to set which icon you wish to use.

GIMI - Get it, Mail it?

Ah yes GIMI. GIMI was one of the first major PHP/HTML projects I ever started. I learned quite a bit working on it, and hoped to eventually release it. Unfortunately, due to school and work, this is quite unlikely. There are however alternative web based mail clients that are available ( as well as free ) for you to use. I suggest you try looking for them on Google.